Friends I want to write an essay something interesting. can you give me any topic to write?

friends I want to write an essay something interesting. can you give me any topic to write?

is there any English teacher who can help me to check my essay.


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  • Can it be about a personal experience you had?

    • personal experience like what

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    • no prob love you too lol

    • My recommendation is to proofread your assignment after you've finished. I personally use the help of Supreme essay service. Those guys do a good job. So if you want you can give them a try. I'm sure you'll like what do they do.

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  • Here are for you the list with the interesting topics.
    What Happens After Death?
    Are Precognition and Deja vu Different?
    Near-Death Experiences
    Do Paranormal Phenomena Exist?
    Supernatural Orbs
    Shadow People and Their Reality
    How to Communicate with Spirits
    Past-Life Regression
    Remote Viewing Techniques
    And if you require the help with the whole process, you may address the professional writing service. I like Prime Writing site and I recommend you to try it too.

  • Avoid turning in a first draft. Instead, put the essay away for a few days, and then print it out to revise.
    Revise. This means rethink your entire paper. Review its organization. Check that the thesis is located at the end of the introductory paragraph. Make sure your view is clear to the intended audience. \"There are pluses and minuses to ___\" is unclear. \"___ has many benefits\" is clear.
    Check here:

  • How society has shaved males and females

    • what? why they are not protected

    • That now the fad is to have no hair anywhere. Men shave their balls and see embarrassing to have hair on their backs or chests.

    • world exist water and i will happen if no water is available. for now i do't want this topic mam... but that to reply

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  • ooh, chronicle the opium wars, and the lasting impressions.

  • About the meaning of life.

    • meaning of life a okay nice i like it bro

  • About the election how nothing gets done no matter what party wins

    • okay thanks dude nice topic if there is another topic that you can tell me

    • Wall st. Just hit all time highs, how come reg joe doesn't see or feel the prosperity

    • what is that dude i don't get you is that what?