Am I the one who finds Tony Prince's voice from GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony really attractive?

Maybe it's just by teenageer hormones raging, but I could play that game over and over just to hear it. The man himself isn't that great looking, even ugly, but I never hit space in his cutscenes. Actually, almost all the voice acting in GTA IV is awesome. Roman and Nico's accents, Armando and Henrique's voices, the commercials in the radio, Luis's mother, Luis himself, even Yusuf! Sometimes I spawn an helicopter, go on top of a small building and raise my wanted level just to hear the police trying to trick me saying ''We have you surrounded, there's nowhere left to run!'.


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  • LOL You're such a fan of GTA 4

  • GTA = Grand Theft Auto? or just my impression?


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