Guys and Girls, What Do You I Should Choose As My Career?

  • Fashion Designer
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  • Writer/Poet
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  • Politician
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  • High School English Teacher
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  • Aircraft Pilot
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  • Professional Tennis Player
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  • News Reporter
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  • You need to pick something that has job benefits. Fashion designer is not that good at all honestly. The jobs are few and far and you will be competing for mostly a low paying job with people of all experiences. Not that great honestly. Writer/poet is something you should do on your own time, dont expect a high return as it is similar to arts. Politician could be something, maybe start off as a lawyer and merge the two? High school teacher, you have to love kids and be patient and be prepared for loooong hours and frustration of adolescent people who want to control your class most of the time ( i worked in a max security jail and this is the same as a high school class) Aircraft pilot, be prepared to not have much of a family, if you care, but remember those jobs aren't that available either. Professional tennis player, this sounds like a kid's dream. You will constantly be trying to compete with everyone like a kid trying to make it to the nba really. News reporter is a journalist, last time i checked that's not a great career either. My advice, do something because of interest but something that actually GIVES you a great job opportunity. Health, Law, maybe business, are potential career options. My honest OPINION...28 years young

    • Good advice, my friend advised me to become a deputy commissioner... I'm thinking about that too...

  • I would love to do option B

  • be a poet... guess it suits u :)

  • Pilot because flying is kewl


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  • ... Which are you more interested in?

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