How do I stop procrastinating?

I've realised that procrastinating is what's been holding me back a lot in life. I procrastinated in secondary scool, resulting in me not achieving my full potential. I procrastinated when I wanted to start working out because I feel like I'm too skinny and want to get more weigt. I procrastinate important meetings and appointments that I have to attend now that I'm starting to become an adult basically (I'm 16). I'm even pprocrastinating hygnic things like brising my teeth, and tking a shower etc.
I can't get out of this cycle and I want to get on with life and improve myself. Is tere any tips for doing that?


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  • There is no special recipe. You just keep repeating to yourself to get shit done and you instill guilt upon yourself if you start procrastinating. The feelings gets intense so you eventually start doing it.


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  • Yo you make a list!
    Make a list! To do list!
    Start simple like 'Get up'
    'Make your bed'

    And check every task you completed. When you see that check next to that task you'll feel like you reached an accomplishment and that should drive you to do the next one


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  • maybe u should set up some schedule? so u'll know when 2 do each thing? :D

  • Get up early leave the tv and phone off, jump in shower get out eat and start doin the shit u have put of for months. It didn't get this bad overnite so dont expect to fix it overnite

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