Why are the most useful iPhone apps on Cydia and not on AppStore?

Apps such as iFile and MobileTerminal are not available on AppStore. I hear that iFile may not even run on iOS 9 due to removing root. Way to guarantee that I'll move to Android with that move. Why do people even get this iCrap. Boy do I feel stupid.

f. lux is another app that to me is pretty much indispensable and it's not on AppStore.


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  • When I moved from android to iOs I also noticed that some apps I used to have weren't available. I think they're "stricter" with allowing certain apps.
    Maybe you can find alternatives for the apps that you want?

    • There are no alternatives on the AppStore. You have to jailbreak to get certain features. But thanks for the answer.

What Guys Said 1

  • Because Apple is a bitch, although I like their devices more than other companies.

    • At this point I only like their iPod nano models. I've liked all of the ones I've tried. They don't use iOS. But the iPhone, bye bye and hello to Android.