Can you please tell me a short bedtime story?

Most creative short story gets MHO!

Goodnight GaGers, Love you all <3


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  • HERE, I EVEN READ IT JUST FOR YOU!!! Listen and read!!!

    Once upon a time a Princess named Clarisa turned the age of 18 and was ready to for marriage... But Princess Clarisa wasn't ready for marriage, she hasn't found the one she truly loves!
    The King and Queen (aka her parents) did not care, and they made an arrangement for her to meet 3 different Princes who are eligible for her to marry. Luckily for Clarisa, she was able to choose who she wanted to marry out of these 3.

    But when we met these 3 Princes, everything did not go as expected...

    The first Prince was about 23 years old, very handsome, and appeared charming at first... When Princess Clarisa approached him from behind, she tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention. He turned around and was PICKING HIS NOSE... and EATING IT! Princess Clarisa was astonished, she screamed and then pushed him away, and he fell into the nearest pond!

    The second Prince was only 14... I am pretty sure this is illegal! The young Prince seemed to have had the total hots for Princess Clarisa but she told him he needed to drop his balls first and wait a few years. So he was out of the question.

    The third Prince was a 40 year old hairy man who had a scary hairy leg fetish... and when he approached Clarisa, the first thing he goes for is her legs, but Princess Clarisa immediately kicks him in the balls and punches him in the nuts! He falls to the ground and sobs like a little bitch.

    and the King and Queen were shocked... Princess Clarisa faces her parents and goes "I FUCKING QUIT!"

    the end.


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  • We were lying on the floor, watching some action movie in his
    apartment, neither of us really invested. I moved closer to him,
    his hand on my thigh, his heartbeat in my ear. I played with his
    fingertips, subtly moving his hand to my chest. He took the hint.
    He rolled onto his side, leaning over me, down to kiss me.

    His hand had been resting on my waist slowly moved up. Feeling his
    tongue against mine and knowing what was coming, my flower burned
    with anticipation. His fingertips traced the edges of my bra over
    my shirt and I kissed him harder until he pressed his hand onto
    my breast. I pulled him on top of me, wrapping my legs around
    him. He peeled his shirt off before assisting me with my own,
    using one arm to hold me up while the other efficiently unhooked
    my breasts from their meshy prison. He pushed me down more
    forcefully and I could feel his dick like a screwdriver pressing
    into my stomach. He rolled halfway off me so he could more
    readily squeeze my breasts, pinching my nipples between his
    fingers, pressing his palm in between them. He stroked the skin
    all around them, tracing underneath them and cupping them before
    kissing my neck, my shoulder, biting my breast lightly. He took
    my nipple in his mouth and sucked, squeezed, bit. I moaned, my
    arms tight around him, my hands leaving imprints on his back. He
    moved to my other nipple, rubbing one while licking the other. I
    moaned softly as he pinched me, his caresses becoming harder and
    more urgent. I was enjoying lying back and feeling him, but I
    knew he wanted more. Suddenly I pushed him off me, forcing him
    onto his back. I leaned over him and unzipped his jeans. He
    yanked them off and whispered my name while pulling my face down
    to his. I used my free hand to find his shaft, feeling it throb
    under the touch of my fingers.

    I kissed his chest while running
    my hand up and down his shaft, his moans just making me increase
    the speed and pressure of my fondling. His hand found my breasts
    hanging over him, and he grabbed one for extra pleasure. I turned
    away from him, my lips finding the head and kissing it lightly. I
    turned to see his face, his eyes shut tight knowing what was
    coming. I licked his shaft, from the base to the head, juggling
    his balls in one hand and pressing his stomach with the other. I
    took his erection in my mouth, sliding my tongue around it while
    he gasped and grabbed my ass.

  • The Day Clarisa Found Happiness

    It was a hot Texas day as Clarisa sat down on the grass and let her thoughts make their way through her mind. She thought about how sometimes people smile and other times they didn't feel like it. Thinking nothing more of it she headed home outside her house she met a witch who said I have two bottles of water, one which gives you happiness and the other that gives you sadness. The witch said as soon as you drink from one that is it, they turn back to ordinary water.
    Clarisa took the bottles inside and put the bottles on the table. She thought I might just leave them and not make a choice. Just then her fairy godmother appeared and said "Clarisa, You are such a beautiful kind person that I will help you make the choice. You have just believe in yourself and fate - Just close your eyes and pick a bottle."
    Clarisa hesitated then said " No I believe in myself", closed her eyes reached out and waited felt her hand move towards a bottle. She opened the bottle and slowly drank. As she put the bottle back on the table she felt a warmth and a lightness of heart form inside her.
    Then she heard her mom call for lunch and as she walked to the table she wondered did that daydream mean anything.

  • More of a poem but it tells a story

    The forest of Tir Non Og is a magical place

    where the piercing Gilded leaves shine like Gold

    the Enthralling Orange leaves radiate like the sun

    and the Crimson leaves burn and flow gracefully through the air

    like a roaring wild fire sweeping through a forest on a Autumn day

    and as the leaves fall from the trees

    a cloak of fiery Crimson, Orange and Gilded leaves covers the ground

    warm but yet not burning shining and glittering like coals

    sitting upon the ashes of a freshly dying fire

    a crisp cool breeze mixed with warm gentle air sweeps through the forest

    leaving images and shapes in the leaves taking the form of fairies

    waltzing to nature's symphony before becoming part of the forest once more

    returning to their eternal slumber

    the lakes clear as crystal still unmoving not even a ripple upon the surface

    like time has stopped but yet teeming with life and as night approaches

    the lightning bugs dance upon the waters suface making it shine and glitter

    like the stars in the endless skies above

    the moon shines its silver light down upon the earth

    making the entire forest glow, an eerie but beautiful sight to behold

    and if you listen carfully you can hear the night birds song insects chirp and the soft whistling wind

    melding together like the forest's lullaby and as the sun rises we depart

    to our kingdom of Tuatha De Danann we look upon the forest shining in the distance

    and look forward to visiting Tir Non Og again

  • "The boy looked into the mirror longingly. The lady was so beautiful, so kind. Her hair flowed like an underwater dream within the old floor-length mirror. He touched the cold glass, moving closer to try and get a better look at her.
    "only a good boy with the tenderest of hearts can break the spell."
    He leaned closer. His heart was pure. He was a good boy. He could free the pretty lady.
    "bring to the mirror Solanum tuberosum, of the family nightshade, and Allium cepa, and offer it to free me."
    Such big words, but the boy was smart, and knew the special leather-bound books his Daddy had on the shelf - the ones with all of the wondrous picture from all the land - would have all the answers. Soon, a small excursion with his mother to the market, and he had what he needed. With joy and excitement, the boy ran to the mirror in the attic, and placed the objects in front of it. The beautiful lady soon appeared, smiling at him.
    She reached out, laying her hand against the mirror.
    The boy placed his hand against the glass, almost as if...
    Their hands touched! The boy smiled big. He was a good boy.
    She clasped his hand in hers.
    "Ah, the boy with the tenderest of hearts... it will be perfect with these onions and potatoes."
    Good night.

  • I'll put this here, since I went to the effort of recording it:

    • hah niceee! :)

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    • @emilyyy23k it's not strictly speaking my 'proper' English accent :P

    • I'm not sure what sounds worse. Me trying to do a 'proper' English accent, or Americans trying. Either way, it sounds fucking awful :P

  • "Once upon a time, they lived happily ever after. The end!"

    • ^ Admittedly though, I stole this story. xD It was actually one of the jokes sometime during the first 5 years of the famous "Peanuts" comic. The character of Lucy actually started out as several years younger than Charlie Brown and could not yet read, so she goes up to him and asks him to read her a book. He wants to get it over with quickly, so he just reads that "story" above, closes the book, hands it back to her, and goes off to continue doing whatever it is that he was doing before. She has her doubts that ALL of the book's pages contained just that one line, so she goes up to him and says:

      "What's in the rest of these pages? Advertisements?" xD

    • ahhhah! that's funnyy!

  • Once upon a time there was a candy princess. She ruled all of candy world. There were chocolate lakes, rivers, and oceans. Marshmallow clouds, live peeps, gumdrop trees, and licorice swings. one day a evil dragon breathing sugar free mints came roaring out of the sky, the princess t a kiss and it became friendly and the candy world lived hapily ever after!!!

  • Not in here mama Its private

  • Once upon a time, there was a penguin who wanted to learn how to fly. Whenever the penguin was alone, he would practice attempting to fly in front of the ocean. One day, two goblins approaches the penguin. "


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    • .. family. The penguin was happy to know the fairy was allowed back to her home. The fairy was home. The penguin and his fellow penguin were able to swim. His dream of flying also came true. It no longer was impossible for penguins to fly. The End.

    • omgg it was supposed to be short but I loved it!! <3

  • Once upon a time there was a princess and a good knight.

  • There was once a girl who asked for a bed time story. We said no and she went to sleep anyways.

  • Once upon a night, a girl heard her mom yell her name from downstairs, so she got up and started to head down. As she got to the stairs, her mom pulled her into her own room and said, "I heard that too"...


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  • once upon a time some chick trying to pick coconuts from the tree in her yard and some nearly fall on her lol... oh wait that's just me a couple of minutes ago ;p

  • Bum bum bum, bum bum bum bum a duck walked up to a lemonade stand and he said to the man running the stand "Hey!" bum bum bum "Got any grapes?" the man said "We only sell lemonade but, it's cold and it's fresh and it's all home made. Can i sell you a glass?" the duck said "I'll pass." then he waddled away (waddle waddle) until the very next day bum bum bum, bum bum bum bum.