Pro-lifers, what do you think about Autism Speaks trying to raise funds to do prenatal tests and abort autistic babies?

Pro-lifers, what do you think about Autism Speaks trying to raise funds to do prenatal tests and abort autistic babies?


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  • If it's true, it's very sad and must end. A person's right to life is not determined by the condition of their mind, their body, or how useful they can or will be to society.

    This is not exactly the same, but in a similar vein. There's a family at my parish whose son is paraplegic and I have a family friend whose son is "cognitively disabled". There's another family at my parish who has an autistic son. I always see how lovingly and joyfully that these souls are welcomed. It's very sad that an organization that is, I would presume, meant to promote awareness and care of autistic children would put aside a fund for this.

    If it's true, it must end.


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  • I don't think we should be encouraging the throwaway culture any more than we already have. People can't just live in a permanent state of adolescence by the nanny state. These aren't ingredients for a successful and moral society.

    People need to hold accountability for their actions and view others with equal human dignity and worth. I don't know how some people think they have the right to kill others they don't view as worthy or equal. We'd condemn Eugenics today. .. (Yet we increasingly support it, just dislike the historical one).

  • There are legitimate reasons to abort a child. For example, triploid syndrome ( ). Other severe conditions would also make sense.

    Autism is a spectrum though, the kids who can barely handle their own like a "normal child" aren't *that* common. Of course, maybe I just don't know enough about autism.

    I have a non-blood-related cousin though, he's diagnosed with autism, and he's getting full As at school. He's a weirdo, but he's smart! I think they are most likely making a mistake in this case.

  • I'd assume the pro lifers would still wanna stop the abortion. Can they really tell if it has autism that early? Or are they aborting it with in the second trimester 😷

    I'm "pro-I'll cross that bridge when I come to it".


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  • I'm not pro-life, but I thougth you might want to hear my answer anyway because my therapist thinks I have Aspergers. I personally do not think that it's alright to sort people with mental illnesses out and not give them a chance. I do not even consider Aspergers a disability, I am very "functional" and very intelligent, currently studying at university. I don't thinks autism need a "cure", it's just a different way of being and living your life.