What should I do please help?

I am an aspiring Bollywood actress. I really want to get in to movies. My parents know that I want to get into this field, this is the only thing I want. I need it, I love it. It's the only thing I am living for, Family and friends don't matter as much as this does to me. I am going to go now in 14th Grade, so I have two more years. So in these two years, this year I will lose weight and next year I will tone my body. Then after these two years my under grads is done, then I am going to do an acting course which is for 3 months and also I want to shift, like get a flat. I stay with my parents in their bungalow, they know I want to get into it but they think I am not serious about it but I am. So anyways I want to shift into my new flat I have told them also I want to shift after 2 years. Because when I will be workinh on a movie I will come any time and go any time. So it's fine if that will happen if I stay alone and if I stay with family then it's going to be a pain. Anyways I am not close to them and I want to go away. My heart hurts I want to cry out loud, waiting for my under grads to get over so that I can leave from this house. I have told them buy me a flat and within some time I will give you the money back. I am in desperate need. Please help I want to shift to my individual life. The place I have told them to buy also is in the same area, it's just 5 minutes of walking. I don't want to stay close by to them but I like the area, should I stay in that area or some other area? How do I make them agree. Right now also when I am typing this, from in I am crying.

Please someone answer!
I am a goal orientated person.


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  • Well if u haven't broke into biz yet try some soft core porn. Maybe u will get recognised ther


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