How do you do heists and all the extra missions in gta 5 (v)?

I played gta V and its like best game ever, the main storyline is fun...

But i'm not really keen on the online multiplayer, When i joined online, the first mission was a online race and the players were too hard

And i just wanted to do the heists with other players, not races... but it appears that you have to progress your player to do the fun missions online...

Like mainly i did'nt get it, it seemed fun but confusing... you are in open map and its like a giant deathmatch, untill you do other stuff...

Plus how do you do heists with other players?

I wanted to do a heist with another friend who has xbox, but both of us are confused how to go there, it says something about you have to register your rockstar account


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  • Yea when you first create a new character for the online mode you have to complete the racing mission. The server will put you with other new players. After you complete the race it'll put you into the open map. Players likely will try to kill you so if you're not up for some pvp just avoid them.. You can see their blimps on the map. White blimps mean the player is peaceful and red blimps mean the players violent.

    To do heists you need a party of 4. I believe you have to talk to Lester (It'll show him on the map symbolized by an L) Either you or your friend go to him and they'll become host. You'll then need to invite your friend and two other random players in the lobby.

    Or you can join other peoples heists. Texts from your phone will pop up on your screen. Read the description, some might be other players heists invites


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  • You probably need friends and play missions together. That's the way for it to be fun, I think. Although whenever I went online, all I ever did pretty much was run from the cops. They are very persistent.

    • It's really confusing though, because Gta V is very expansive and they released like new stuff for online modes,

      Whenever I went online me and my friend just wanted to do a online heist together, not all the races with players around the world

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    • Yes that's what i mean, it's hard and frustrates me , even though the heists sounds fun, i can't work up to that level...

      so i didn't get all the hype with gta online

    • Yeah, you need friends. It was kinda a waste of money for me too, haven't played enough of it to get my money's worth.