Best basketball ball-handler?

Who's the best Basketball ball-handler ever? Comment and Vote.
I'm going with Allen Iverson.
These are only players who have been in the NBA.

  • Allen Iverson
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  • Isiah Thomas (the old one)
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  • Kyrie Irving
    Vote C
  • Penny Hardaway
    Vote D
  • Tim Hardaway Senior
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  • Kobe Bryant
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  • Jamal Crawford
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I love how you put (the old one) after Isiah Thomas xD

    • lulz there's one playing in the league right now and the hall of famer that used to play... some people who've never heard of the HOFer would have thought wtf?

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  • Chris Paul

    • over the other choices up there?

    • When it comes to natural ball handling skills yes. If you thinking about flashy moves and mixtape stuff then A. I. easy.

    • Ok. I'm saying who can do any sort of ball-handling the quickest and force the defender into tough spots at almost every possession.

  • D wade by far taking the ball to the hoop They call him flash

    • lulz u really like d-wade. but he's not a very good ball-handler. even when lebron was at miami (and lebron's not one of the greatest ball-handlers) he carried the ball up instead of d-wade

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    • I watch youtube highlights a lot.
      I haven't checked out d-wade too much I'll see what you meant and come back later.

    • Ok


  • alleniverson

  • It's a toss up between Tim Hardaway and Kyrie

    Can't go wrong with either one.

    • How did Kobe make it on your poll and not Chris Paul?

    • only 7 spots, i can't put everyone, i put 5 of who i thought were good and then put 2 of who i thought others would like. those were jamal crawford and kobe. that is the other reason i said state your choice in comments.

    • I see, for the sake of popularity. Kobe isn't really an elite ball handler, which is why I asked.