Is it a good thing or a bad thing for a father to be micromanaging his adult daughter's life, still treating her like a child?

Micromanaging as in caring way too much on your daughter being in a relationship with a man and so on.

People rip on the moms for doing it to the their adult sons but no one says anything about the dads doing it to their adult daughters (even as old as 25 years old).

I can understand that girls are perceived to be weaker than boys but still. If a girl is an adult who's already raised well to be smart with her choices that she makes, then I don't see why a father still has to micromanage her like a child.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • My dad has a different approach to our dating life. At home we are three women, me being 23 years old and the oldest I've always been treated a little different by my parents.
    My dads dating advice
    -don't tie yourself down to one guy, date around and have fun
    Translates to commitment will come along in the future
    -I don't want any ass hole chilling on my couch all day
    Translates to get a man that has a life and works
    -never let a mother fucker hit you or abuse you. If you have to leave the house with no belongings that's ok. Material stuff is replaceable.
    Translates to don't let a mother fucker abuse you
    -don't get pregnant
    Translates to don't get pregnant
    -never doubt us your parents. We will always be here for you
    Translates to I'm still their little girl xD

    My dad is the reason why I never let guys affect me. Now that I'm in love with a great man I finally introduced him to my family and my dad approves of him. He had a "man to man" talk with him and he respects him. My dad before meeting him wanted to see his ID. He did a FULL background check on him (maybe illegal I know) and after he found everything he wanted to check he said "he has balls, I really didn't think he would give his ID"


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What Girls Said 2

  • I mean your a parent to the day you die so that need to be one will always be there. But as much as we protect our children there is a time in life where we need to back off! He needs to let her have her independence and make mistakes so she can learn about life and be able to deal with things when he's long gone. He should be proud that he instilled what he has in her but trust that she will be fine! He still will be needed at times if that's what he's afraid of lol

  • It depends.


What Guys Said 5

  • Hahahaa, I get it. Depends are a brand of adult diapers! Which makes sense because the dad is treating his kid like she's still a baby who needs to be changed.

  • BAD!!! she's not a kid anymore!!! >:(

  • If she knows how to run her own life , then ur "micromanaging" thing is not necessary.
    If not , then u should teach her how to do that.

  • Depends some women are still children when they are adults and make assbackward decisions

    • It is true with only some women. It's funny how some women claim to be more mature than men yet they make very stupid decisions in their lives by dating the wrong men for the wrong reasons.

  • I'll probably be micromanaging mine tbh, I don't want to see her getting hurt.

    • It's understandable that you don't want to see your daughter hurt because you love her very much but if you raised her well to be a tough-minded smart girl with common sense while still maintaining her femininity, then what's there to worry about? That's just how I see it. You don't have to agree with me though.

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    • I see your point. I wouldn't want that on my daughters either. Same thing for my sons (but with slightly different issues that boys deal with from girls).

    • Yeah, boys are a bit more hardy so to speak.

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