Am I right for questioning this?

so my boyfriend likes to take valium, he doesn't get prescribed them but gets them of a friend. the thing is iv started to notice when he's taken them for a while and sarts to run out he starts getting mood swings and getting angry. im starting to think he may be addicted?
the thing is we recently found out that were pregnant, and are planning on moving in together but im worried with the stress of moving in together pluss a new born might be abit much.. he some times works nights like the same as me but obviously when the baby comes and he's sleeping... im worried if the baby starts crying he may go abit mad...

i want to be able to live with him and our baby but im a little scared i dont want to put my baby or myself in a stressfull possition with him getting so angry... any help

Is it possible to help him? Or am I better of leaving or giving him an altimatum? ?


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  • If he's addicted to Valium or any drug for that matter, DO NOT move in with him. You need a healthy, functional human to take care of you and the child.

    • Im not 100% sure if he's addicted or not there are times when he doesn't take them but its just in the week or so as he runs out that he becomes quite angry n moody... I just dont know what to do.. I know moving in togethers not the best idea... but its what should happen for us to be a family... would I be in the wrong to give him an altimatum?

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    • Yeah, I'm not saying to keep him out of the child's life. Not at all. But if he screws up his life with drugs, the courts might make that decision for him. If I were in your situation, I would probably want to live apart until I knew for sure that he had his life back on track.

    • Yeah the courts wouldn't get involved unless I took him to court tho... buf yeah I know living apart is the best option for all of us... especially for him to be able to be the sort of dad that he could be without taking the valium... well thanks for ur help :)

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  • fuck... if it's not prescribed he should stop... valium might b dangerous o_O


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  • You are totally right!