Okay so i have this assignment for my music class in school and it´s about making you´r own song.

First of all, I Suck att playing any instrument but that´s ok because we where alowed to use these sigts (jamstudio. com and audiotool) for the music part but then we also have to make the lyrics.

This assignment has been going on now for a while and i have barley started, i just dont know what or how to do anything. the only thing i know now is that I want to write a song about living your life to the fullest and taking risks and that it will probebly be named "on the edge of fear is paradise" (i aslo want this sentens in the chorus).

I must also mention that this task is only until the day after tomorrow and i´m freaking out!!! So if in any way can help me please do so. If u have any advice, tips, lyrics ideés or have used any of the web sights before please tell me it would mean the world to me <3

any more ideés?


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  • hhmmmmm would it b cheatin if i gave u da lyrics of some unknown 80s song? 8)


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  • sorry but its your work and you should do it yourself.

    • I wasn´t asking for anyone to do my work just to get some tips on how to get started. anyway thanks for your honest opinnion :)

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