Concerning a duck: How warm do you think it is between a persons skin and their sweater on a 65 degree F day?

How warm do you think it would be in my sweater if it's 65 degrees outside? ( a mallard ducking approx one day old crawled onto my lap at the lake while I was camping). I know I'll need a heat lamp or heating lad but until I can set things up is putting her in my sweater going to keep her warm enough? I think at this age she needs 85-95 degrees. She's oretty active running around and it was only 48 when she found me so she was running around in pretty chilly temperatures. Yes I waited a few hours for her mom. I'm guessing something happened and she was not able to come back. They don't leave them for more than a few minutes and that's only in danger. She's drinking and eating and running so I think she'd healthy. I just don't want her to catch cold before I set her up. Do you think being pressed against my body underneath my sweater will be enough for now? Also I don't want her to get hurt by the lamp at night do I'm probably going to keep her with me... Not sure. Anyhow in my sweater good enough?

Thanks for your help.

Oh forgot to add its a five hour drive back , so if my sweater isn't warm enough should I get a hot water bottle or maybe a battery operated heating pad?


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  • your skin temperature is about 97 degrees, you won't loose much heat inside a sweater, so you should be good.

    • I was thinking so though I think it's slightly less than core temp but not terribly less. Thsnks:) she's pretty hyper in there so I think she's ok. When they are cold it says they huddle. She's running around like a maniac looking for secret exits so I think it's ok :p

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  • wait didn't get it... u wanna hide a duck under yer sweater?

    • They need to be kept warm until they are several weeks old. I don't want to hide it I want to keep it warm till I can set up a heating system for it. I will be driving for a few hours so I won't be able to set it up for a while... until then I want to keep it warm.

  • Just room temperature should be fine. Don't kill your duck.

    • Why would I kill it, I'm trying to save it?

    • From heat/dehydration.

    • Oh I see. From what I know ducklings need fairly high temps for first few weeks. Anyhow I'm not sticking her in an oven I just want her to have the option of heat.)

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  • a sweater is fine.

    • That's a relief, thank you :)

      Do you know from exoeriemce or is this a reasonable guess?

    • Experience *