Rate The X-Files franchise (at least for the parts which you have already watched)?

This is a really big franchise which includes:
-The X-Files
-Season 01
-Season 02
-Season 03
-Season 04
-Season 05
-Movie 01
-Season 06
-Season 07
-Season 08
-Season 09
-Movie 02
-Season 10
-Season 01
-Season 02
-Season 03
-Lone Gunmen
-Season 01
I think most of people never completed all this franchise, and I also just finished The X-Files part. For the parts I have watched (I have finished The X-Files part and I am watching Millennium) I give a 9.5 out of 10! What is your rating for this franchise?

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  • 10 for all seasons!


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  • 10, it's one of my favorite series of all times :D

  • It started out awesome, when every episode was something totally different (the one with the Fiji mermaid was the best) - but then quickly got boring when they ran out of ideas and it became just the same old alien conspiracy stuff every week.

  • watched only a bunch of it back in 98-99... it was kewl back then

    • I own all nine seasons and the movies on disc as well as The Lone Gunmen TV Show.

  • 8/10 for the seasons, Doggett and Reyes sucked, but it was bearable. 7 through 9 they were in. The Lone Gunmen was entertaining to say the least, but it ended VERY abruptly, so 6/10.
    Never seen Millenium. But doesn't it star the dude who played Bishop on the film 'Aliens'?

    Season 10 is comic books, from what I know. I dont care 'bout it. But the movies were good though.