Why do you think is the luckiest fictional character?

These are only the ones that came to my head. There are probably others who are way luckier, so feel free to call them out too :)

  • Arthur Dent
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  • Monkey D Luffy
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  • Bilbo/Frodo Baggins (I'm just putting these two together because it's easier)
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  • Master Chief
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  • The Doctor
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  • Other (say who :) )
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  • Fucking Harry Potter. Way too many coincidences, luck, and help from others. Sure he was brave, but most of the stuff he overcame was out of plot convenience.

    • That's why I choose Luffy over anyone else on the poll, even though I can't vote :P

    • I mean, some serious shit happened to him and he's still alive.

  • Master Chief. His success is based around luck.

    Source - Massive Halo fan, reads the books, nearly Semi-Pro at the games and I spend my life playing Halo.

    • Didn't Cortana say something about his success being statistically impossible or something? I don't know I'm not a Halo expert.

    • At the start of Halo 3, she said that chose him because of his luck.
      Luck was basically what saved Humanity. Out of the Spartans she chose him because she saw what was needed for victory.

      She was right, he must have killed Millions of Covenant. Remember in Halo 2 when he gave Covenant back their bomb. That was one of the largest ships in the war, and he blew it up himself.

      Even the Arbiter recognizes his luck and commends him for it.

    • Well there you go. Personally I would still stick with Luffy or Arthur Dent but that's just me :)

  • All of these characters are made out of last second asspulls and saves. I'm going with Luffy though because of that manga/anime pitfall of last second " I just made this shit up to win" writing. I still like One Piece though it's hella fun.

  • Lucky Luke.

  • Long shot from x-factor he is a mutant and he is hella lucky. It's one of his powers.

  • The Doctor but...