Compliment from adults?

Do you think compliments from adults are reliable? A lot of times I feel self concious about myself and my parents know it, so they always tell me I'm pretty and smart. Like my parents' friends, my stepuncle, my stepdad, or someone like that.

My stepuncle once told me that he'd date me if he was the same age as mine while my stepdad said many times that I'm an attractive young lady and I shouldn't be worried about myself. But I still can't believe it. I often think that parents are just being nice and trying to give me some confidence. Well, I've rarely ever gotten some compliments such as those from guys my age.

Do you think the words from adults are reliable? Are they just trying to make us feel better?


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  • Yes, they are far more reliable than from those our age because they truly understand you and are sincere. I get that a lot from adults too, and I've grown to really understand that they mean it otherwise they wouldn't say anything.

    My little sister, they don't call her pretty, but they call me handsome.


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  • well, believe love your parent for saying, do you really want parent or family discourage you? they want you be proud and confidence about yourself so you can get best of life, like get handsome husband and get really good job. Trust and believe that you are very beautiful and smart when your parent say that, You should too and you should never doubt it

    • Thank you. Then yes, I'll believe it now.

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  • @keyspirits get loads

    But those coming from a family member are awkward :(

    • Haha well.. I know it's kind of awkward. I didn't think any of those as a serious statement though. And my step uncle is always have that kind of personality so I don't think much about it

    • Only from ma Pwincess 💏