What do you think of Babymetal?

  • Yes, jpop and rock music so cool
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  • Nay, this crap should only attract middle aged pedophile men and perverts
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  • Why does this exist?
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  • What is even life?
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  • I don't know, and dont care or like that type of music
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  • I actually think that they are pretty cute!


What Guys Said 5

  • Biggest Metal band in the world right now and that's a FACT ! You don't have to like Babymetal but what they've done on the back of two albums is phenomenal :

    Broke records at Wembley 2016, about to start another world tour. Toured with everyone from Gaga to Korn , liked by lots in the industry from Metallica , Slayer and Johnny Rotten ( ex-Sex pistols ) and I believe Dragonforce played with them. Have been to nearly all the big Euro and US gigs.
    Really good hybrid , I wish I thought of it because that guy will be stinking rich !

  • weird... never been into this genere :|

  • As a metal head, it is funny, as a musician, it sucks. Too mainstream sounding.

  • An insult to everything metal.

    • Just another slipknot clone

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    • No they sound like slipknot and dragonforce with some pop pre teen girls dancing around

    • Aw I actually like dragonforce (their first 2 albums anyway). But then I guess power metal has always been a bit of an outcast :D

  • I have never heard of this before, and I can say that I didn't miss out on anything...

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