What kind of guys are "chubby chasers"? Also why are guys only chubby chasers and never women?

What I mean what kind of guys are chubby chasers as in looks, status, etc.


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  • Men who have no other options.

    Guys can become chubby chasers because guys like women more than vice versa. So a fat woman is by default more sexually valuable than a fat man.

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  • I wish I could get a beautiful curvy woman. They tend to just write me off like most other women though. Chubby women are just as picky as skinny women.

    • That's because since the fat women (unlike fat men) have way more opportunities to get sex and since there's plenty of average and sometimes above average looking guys that will have causal sex with the fat women because its usually no strings attached and since they have this opportunity, that leaves a lot of guys of their caliber out in the cold completely.

    • yeah if you're a male, fat nerd, then there's pretty much a 99.999% chance that no woman is going to be into you. On the other hand, if you're a female fat nerd, then you can surely find plenty of men out there who don't care and will even appreciate nerdiness.

  • Depends what you mean by "chubby chaser".

  • Men are less shallow, they tend to have a broad spectrum of what they find attractive. Women generally find the same men attractive.