Which color combo is worse?

  • purple and green
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  • yellow and brown
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  • dark green and brown
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  • There's nothing wrong with any of them, as long as you pick the right shades of each.

    Yellow and brown are essentially the same hue, just at different levels of saturation and lightness, which means they work well together. Gold and dark brown is also a great combination if you want something to look very sophisticated.

    Purple and green are fine, if you pick the right shades - pinkish purple and yellowish lime green are directly opposite on a color wheel, and therefore complementary (so bold shades tend to look best).

    The same applies to green and brown - it really needs to be a blueish green (teal) though, or it will clash. And obviously you'll probably want to avoid it looking like camouflage...

    If you're curious, there's an interesting tool you can use to find color combinations that work here: https://colorschemedesigner.com/csd-3.5/#

    Anyway, I'd pick Dark green and brown, just because I dislike the color green (and if we're talking clothes, I especially dislike how ginger people think they look good in green).


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