80s music poll: Favorite album by Savage Progress/Go West/Blow Monkeys?

80s pop/synth-pop/blue-eyed soul bands…. only Blow Monkeys were known though, and Go West a little bit.

Savage Progress were an 1-album band, but this album was an underrated synth-pop classic. My Soul Unwraps Tonight was a minor hit though.

Go West’s debut was gr8 as well…. more synth-poppish and not so “jazzy” as their latter recordings…. and my fav by BM, would b “She Was Only A Grocer’s Daughter”. Their house-ish “Whoops! There Goes The Neighborhood” was nice as well :)

  • Celebration (Savage Progress)
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  • Go West (Go West)
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  • Dancing On The Couch (Go West)
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  • Limping For A Generation (Blow Monkeys)
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  • Animal Magic (Blow Monkeys)
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  • She Was Only A Grocer’s Daughter (Blow Monkeys)
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  • Whoops! There Goes The Neighborhood (Blow Monkeys)
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  • I loved Go West and wished they had more and frequent albums. But they had only 2 that wew ever accessible in US. Their debut album was too good. Along with them, at the same time came Mr Mister. I got the debut albums of both at the same time so I always associate them together.

    As for Blow Monkeys, I only remember one ai gle. But I forget the name.

    • Mr. Mister yeah... i liked their album "Welcome To The Real World" :D

    • Hey my friend. Thank you again.

      Mr Mister have at least a couple of more albums. Check them out on Spotify. WTTRW was epic though.

    • i have listened 2 them but still i like WTTRW mostly, and except their 2 big hits they have other nice songs :)

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