3 million in silver on the line, which would you do to get it?

smoke pcp and smoke/ inject krokodil for a year straight... the krokodil & pcp is provided for free. or...

Last 5 rounds at 90 seconds each round with Fabricio Werdum full contact with brass knuckles and combat boots on (both of you have them). Then do the same thing with Daniel Cormier 3 months later. You would have to fight them both 4 times total for the the next 2 years.


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  • What good is money if I have to ruin my life to acquire it?

    • How would you ruin it?

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    • What's so bad about it?

    • One would cause a drug addiction (and plenty of damage to your body), and the other would result in a severe beating (which could result in brain damage/death).

  • none of those.


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  • gimme at least 0.1 mil and i'm ok 8)

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