For those that are MMA fans, as great and a talented as Ronda Rousey is, are you kind of annoyed by the "Rousey is Superwoman" bandwagon?

Don't get me wrong, she is indeed currently the greatest female MMA fighter in the world but I'm fed up with hearing from casual fans who probably aren't even MMA experts at all, making her out to be "Superwoman" by claiming that she can take on the bigger male MMA fighters like. As much as I can understand that Rousey's statements about her taking on men in one of her interviews is just a way of gaining more attention and selling more tickets for her fights, I'd say that's a bit of the far line to cross. Ronda Rousey claiming that she can beat bigger male MMA fighters like Cain Velasquez is like Sugar Ray Leonard or Floyd Mayweather Jr claiming that he can take on Mike Tyson or George Foreman.

It's only the retarded casual male MMA fans with their dicks all hard for Rousey that buy into that "Superwoman" hype. I, on the other hand as a true diehard MMA and boxing fan, can actually distinguish from a fantasy and reality and the differences between gender and weight divisions.

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  • Hell no! Ronda is the shit! Best fighter on earth!

    • I'm not saying she isn't one of the best fighters in the world currently. I'm just saying she's not superwoman. She still has weaknesses that no other female MMA fighteres were able to exploit yet. Let' be real. There's no way in hell she can beat the best male MMA fighters in the world from weight division 135-265lbs.

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    • In the ring he's one of the best ever but outside in real life he could be a much nicer and friendlier person if he chose to

    • Pretty much. You also have to consider that Mayweather's constant trash talking is basically his way of promoting his fights so he can sell more tickets. He still displays respect towards his opponents after he beats them. The same could be said with Ronda Rousey and her trash talking and exaggerating statements (as a way of promoting her fights to sell more tickets and PPVs).

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