If you were a power ranger which color would you be?

If you were a power ranger which color would you be ?
1. Red Ranger - Headstrong, brave and decisive decision maker. Always has to make the tough calls, and in some cases engage the boss monster in 1 on 1 combat.

2. Black Ranger - Third best fighter and follower. Brave, couragous, usually provides humor to the group. Is into dancing and employs a fighting style hip hop kido which encoporates dance moves.

3. Blue Ranger - Most Intelligent member of the team and usually formulate the team's strategy. Often create devices that helps the team out. As a fighter, fourth best fghter on the team.

4. Yellow Ranger - Also an excellent, brave couragous fighter. Most agile member in the team, and doesn't really stand out much. Is very disciplined, and focuses on chi training, and communicating with nature.

.5, Pink Ranger - While a good fighter usually ends up being placed in damsel in distress situations and has to be saved by the team. Often gets flustered easily, and worried. First one to start giving up and losing hope.

6. Green Ranger - Usually shows up 1/2 way into the series run. Starts off evil and is able to overpower the entire team easily but then is defeated 1 on 1 by the red ranger. You have your own exclusive zord that can combine with the team's megazord.

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  • Blue Ranger
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  • Yellow Ranger
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  • Pink Ranger
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  • Green Ranger because I like villains and his suit is golden. I think he's richest ranger.


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  • I would be the Black Ranger because I'm a white European.

  • I liked Tommy the White Ranger

  • Orange Ranger :P