Wheres the best (online) store to buy a samsung edge without a contract?

Ok, so, Im lookin to buy the lastest samsung edge, but dont wanna be in a contract, I want to buy the phone outright. Wheres the best online store to by it from? I looked on their site and it comes with a contract all the ones I've found.


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  • No carrier in the USA is going to activate your phone without signing a contract...
    ... and no-contract carriers aren't going to activate a Samsung Edge because it is too new and those carriers only service specific phones of that no-contract-carrier roster (which won't have an Edge because it is too new).


    Now the purpose of an unlocked phone, is the ability to bounce around from carrier to carrier... but each carrier will require a contract signing to activate it.

    So if u are with Sprint, and u don't like them... u can exit your contract, and sign up for AT&T with that same phone.

    Normally a phone is "locked" only for use with that carrier.


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  • You go look on At&t GoPhone they sell Samsung Galaxy Note 4
    nice size phone will pay little bit for it and they have automatic monthly
    payment refill which does give you a lower bill but you can get these
    phones under a no contract phone also At&t GoPhone have a phone
    that is nice phone and nice size it's called the ZTE X MAX and they
    are cheap price on Best Buy and you can buy all these online.


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