I have a C on my transcript? Will I ever get into a prestigious school?

I am a junior in high school I have a GPA of 95. 86 majority of my classes are all Ap
I've never gotten C on my transcript before but that all changed this year I got my first C. I feel horrible I've always dreamed of going to a prestigious school like Princeton standford or Cornel. Now I feel like those chances have all been eliminated because of that C on my transcript.
math is a subject that I have always struggled in and I just cannot ever put the pieces together I get things like science and literature I love reading and poetry I guess you could say I'm more of a creative person but I'm logical enough when it comes to things like science I want to be a veterinarian when I get older.

Will an administrator look at my transcript and think I'm stupid because I got a C?
This is what my last report card looked like.
I tried my best but math just doesn't click for me.

Ap language & Composition 100 A
Music 100 A
Chemistry 92 A
Geometry 73 C

Oh im a sophomore not a junior im 16 I don't know why I put junior sry.


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  • well you can turn that C into a higher grade can't you?

    • No grades are final

    • daaaamn.

      well I wouldn't say its impossible for you to not be able to get into a prestigious college.

    • "No grades are final."

      I read that and my ligical interpretation is "There do not exist grades which are final."

      Did you mean "No, grades are final." as in "What you are inquiring about - that grades are not final - is not true; all grades are final."

      Commas are important! Look at these two sentences:

      "Let's eat, Grandpa!"
      "Let's eat Grandpa!"
      World of difference to Grandpa.

      Discipline is critical for success and getting into a good school. Good luck! What is your desired major?

  • How the hell does one receive a 92 in Chemistry, then bomb in GEOMETRY? That is so backwards.

    But no, you will be just fine. You can always take summer school to raise the mark if you are that worried. Also, isn't a 73 a B? It is where I am from.

  • You have to master mathematics to be a vet. All real science involves mathematics and in the medical sciences, that is critical. by the way, if you want to be a vet, Cornell is best.

  • Grades r important but not everything. You need to stand out to be selected for an ivy league. Do research at an accredited intuition, start some kind of project or organization that will benefit the community, publish a paper. All the while you gotta maintain top notch scores. Also you wanna really focus on your SAT or ACT composite.

  • In Canada it is based upon your 6 highest marks in your last year of highschool. You need to also do community volunteer work. Its not all just grades.

  • music 100... how bout focusin in music instead? ;)

    and no u r not stupid coz of a C


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  • I don't know how it works in the US, but in Canada the universities only count your 6 highest marks in your final year of high school for your admissions.

    • What does your 6th highest marks mean? Your last 6 report cards

    • No, 6 of your highest marks from your final year. So if you took 9 subjects and failed three, they'd only count the 6 you didn't fail.

  • My friend graduated from MIT. She had all straight A's and was valedictorian. Also community work. It may get you but keep trying

  • im sure you'll be fine!