What do you hate most about work?

Just compiling a list of all the things you hate about work. I sadly, still work in food service as a pizza delivery driver. The things I CAN'T STAND about this job are as follows:

Customers. They insist you deliver to their area even though the system will state that they are outside of our delivery zone. I don't care if you have gotten delivered to "Several Times" by us before, because that's probably a lie.
Customers. They order food at hours well after when they should be eating dinner. I'm talking about the after 9 oclockers. On weekends, people will call the restuarant at 10:55 pm. Do you people seriously take the time to consider that maybe the employees are tired due to it being so late? Do you honestly think we want to be there until 2 am at night just so you can stuff your fat faces with food you shouldn't be eating in the first place?
Corporate Management. They will change your schedule without notifying you and expect YOU to drive to the store to check what should be something posted online becauase after all, we ARE living in the 21st century. They don't give a crap how much their schedules (which are never set and are all over the place) affect their employees life outside of work. They expect you to be sitting near your phone waiting to get a call from them telling you to come in to work. Sorry, I have a life outside of this hell hole.
These are just a few things that piss me off about work. Care to share a few of your own?


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  • I'm a Lifegaurd and I teach swim lessons, and mostly I hate parents who come into the pool and don't watch their kids and expect the Lifegaurds to babysit their kids. I also don't like when parents think their kid is way better at swimming than he really is, and try to put them in a level of lessons they're not ready for, and I basically slows down the whole class because you're having to deal with this one kid more than the other ones.

    • Yeah, that's particularly annoying in retail as well. Parents just let their bratty kids run around the store jumping on every expensive thing in sight. They refuse to watch their kids. I had to tell two little kids fighting with swords to cut it out right in front of the mom and she didn't even notice me scolding her kids.

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  • Haha. I'm still in school and living the life <3

    Sucks to be you all!

    Cherishing and savouring these moments <3

    #NoWorries #LiveForFree #AlwaysLearning #Friends #Hobbies #FunTimes #ScrewDeadlines #BeLateAllYouWant

  • no free fruits :(

  • Dude you can't complain about driving late at night. It's your job. Sounds like you need a new one. And I know you make a lot in tips my buddy made over 100 a night in tips almost everyday as a driver.

    I live my job it's chill as fuck and my boss is hella funny.

    • Every crap job I get is going to be awful until I am hired and paid what I believe I am worth: enough to live comfortably. I have a really good shot at a job for the state that pays well and is what I went to school for. But the hiring process for Illinois is a very slow one. So until that happens, um yes I CAN and have every right to complain. I didn't get a Master's Degree to do this crap. These jobs are beneath me, and anyone else with a good solid education.

    • Also I don't make much in tips. A lot of people in my area don't tip at all, and the state steals what tips I do make unless they are cash. The best days for tips are holidays or events like the super bowl, and even then I'd rather be having fun watching them with friends than working.

    • I work in a metal shop for bad wages, it's hard work but I can't complain about it it's better then not working at all. I am also over qualified for my job but it is honestly my favorite part of the day.

      Where do you live to get such bad tips?

  • Going there.

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