Has anyone read 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami? How was it?


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  • Beginig was cool but then it was like I realise it is more like pornography same as Memoirs of geisha.. and ofcourse Fifty shadeof gray. Cool awatar by the way.. forgot that ghost stories hahah

    • Do you read Game of Thrones? If so, was it worse than that or about the same? I can handle a good plot with sex but am not really into sex stories, like 50 shades. And thanks, they rock.

  • Yes, it descends into pornography about halfway trough, as sakura says below. I think Murakami is hyped too much by the literary establishment, to be honest.

    • Really, damn. I was trying to stay in the dark about the plot and just be surprised. But I'm not into graphic novels and the worst I read is Game of Thrones. If you've read GoT, is it like that or worse?

    • I dunno if graphic is the right word. I'm not into reading sex novels.

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