What Do You Know About It?

Just randomly, I came across a question that I thought said 'Can You Ride Kangaroos?' Turns out it said something completely different, but it got me thinking.
What kind of misconceptions are there now about my country? (Australia)

I've been argued with on this site and the guy got sick of me and decided that all Aussie girls are rude simply because I'm Aussie and was refuting his logic.
I made a take to refute some of the stereotypes and the amount of people who were surprised was kind of... eye opening.
And I've also only come across two or three other Aussie users, and a couple thousand of everyone else.

So, what do you know about Aussies?
What do you think of us, and what would you like to change about my home (if you were going to visit) before you visited?

I'm very hard to insult so don't worry about that ^-^


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  • Well, I know that walking up to one of you and saying "G'day mate!" and talking about Steve Irwin or Crocodile Dundee is the equivalent of walking up to an American Black guy and offering him Fried chicken or watermelon.

    • Heh, that is very true. Along with if you walk up to one of us and ask about the drop bears, most of us will laugh, others will just drop you.

    • I honestly had never even heard of a drop-bear until your mytake.

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  • I've been there and the people in general are not that different than here in the USA, once you learn to say G'day. :-)

  • Not to much tell me about them?


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  • I heard that they all say "G'day mate" to eachother

    • Yeah, I think that's more of an outback thing. The only people I really hear say it are making fun of everyone else making fun of us.

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    • I'm not sure how to. Someone I used to know who was Australian said it in reply to loads of things I said

    • Are you sure it wasn't fair go?

      I don't know what they'd mean by fair play, I'm going to assume it's the same thing. But fair go is basically just, a chance, like give a bloke a fair go.