Since scientist say that every human originated from Africa would it be safe to say that if nobody lived in Africa anymore there would be no blacks?

Sorry I ran out of space lol okay so would it fair to say that there would be no more blacks left eventually over time if nobody lived in anypart of Africa anymore
Since that's what a lot of people seem to believe in here too that that's how we have different skin tones due to the areas we live in. Feel free to rant on this


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  • i dont think so.


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  • Not even close to a rational thought. But uh keep trying pal. You'll get there.

    • well since that's what they say that our skin tones have changed over time because of the climate we live in how is that an irrational thought? Its just having a reverse idea to the original idea.

    • Yes to a degree what you say holds some truth. Selective pressures do affect the way certain humans look in different parts of the world. But you must understand there were many homind species on earth and homosapiens interbreeded with many of them. Also with modern globalization selectively pressures have been reduced. Finally many other climates produced people of darker complexion.

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    • Take your time lol

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    • Skin color is genetic. If two dark skin people have sex their child will most likely be dark skin.

      My mom is light skin and my sisters dad was dark skin
      She turned out dark skin like him

    • Humans are done adapting.

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