What's wrong with me? I can't stand being around other people and I just want to be alone?

I can't stand being around ANYONE that includes family or friends or even my girlfriend I just want to be alone from everyone forever - today I woke up to people fitting a new pump in on the shower - and I got really angry and started punching walls and stuff - and it is getting worse I hate it how hard is it just to be alone ffs

anyway could this be a sign of something

Also I find myself waiting for my parents to go out (im 19) to get myself a drink or something from the kitchen so they won't see me


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  • I noticed that those with minimal human interactions, be it talking, working, hanging out, just being in crowd (for example, people who live in far country places) are lonely and craving for company.

    In opposite, those who has "too much" of interactions (for example, those who live in cities) are longing for calm desolate place.

    It can be the last in your case. I can try to suggest you the same thing, which helps me, at least for a little:
    * find a park/forest, find inside of it some place/spot where no one walks, where you can hide from everyone (people, most noises). There you can think, relax, come to your senses... at least for a while.
    * living alone in some country side's house, surrounded by nature helps too (for example, some people sell it for a rent). The only downside is when comes time to go back :)


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  • You might just woke up in the wrong side of the bed today, but you do sound a bit pissed and depressed at the same time

  • If there is something wrong with you, I'm the same. I would much rather be alone than in company, even with friends, most of the time

  • Why do you want to be alone?

    • I don't know I've been like this for as long as I can remember

    • Then you should go off and be alone. Just don't run off though, tell everyone you know what your plans are.

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