Why is that I never get the result?

So, I had a physics test paper today. I studied it for about 4-5 hours yesterday, all the equations, every inch of it, because I wanted to score good marks for physics. Till the moment she read out the question, I was all confident and then suddenly whhoosh, gone! she asked us to draw the graph and derive the equations! like wth she said she was gonna ask us to write the problems not the graph. I wrote what I knew. I got zero. She talked like really badly at me. very angrily. I was very sad.. like.. Broken! I mean I studied Like sht yesterday and this is what I get? Why is that I never get the result for what I work for?


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  • Studying the day before a test, is the reason you failed. You should have being revising weeks or months before the test for 4-5 hrs a day. Now if the teacher gave you the test the day before, that's her/he fault, Having 1 days preparation is just not enough.

    You are obviously working the wrong way for the results. Getting good results, takes a lot of effort over months or years of effort, and not just one days work. If it was that easy to get good results, everyone would doing that, no one would be failing. Good results equals hard work over a long period of time.

    • The straight A students, are not going out with their friends, or boyfriends, they are at home everyday studying, to the point they make themselves sick. That's a fact.
      Every time you are out partying or horsing around, there is someone working hard than you. You want the results you have bust your ass, No pain no gain.

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    • Aw Thank you so much for that video!

    • No problem good luck

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  • You must be an idiot never study the day before a test or an exam always study a week or two weeks before even longer I studied 1 month before my history exam

  • better luck next time... don't cry over a test please ;)

    • I'm not that type of person who cries over a test but this time it really broke me! I worked hard why the fuck dont I get the goddamn result!

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  • just work harder.

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