Should we only vote in Christian lawmakers to make this country more moral?

Should we vote in only Christian lawmakers to make the USA a better and more moral place? Would it be better to have more religion in politics just like the founding fathers wanted?

  • Yes of course. Most of our laws should be religious in nature
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  • I am thinking that we should stay as far away from religion as possible when it comes to politics.


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  • N0!

    As a "christian" I say no. We should be creating a country that is very coexistable.

    Not everyone is christian, not everyone is straight, not everyone is white, not everyone is male.

    We should have political leaders from many different beliefs, many sexualities, many ethnicity, and of different genders.

    • Perfect answer thank you

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    • @redthread most of this generation hardly have brain cells. They're just more open due to the evolution of diversity

    • I meant towards diversity of thought instead of a "my way or the highway" mentality.

  • I believe that religious people sin more than those who aren't religious at all. Who gives a fuck if they're Christian or fucking atheist? If they're good at what they do and have good intentions it shouldn't matter

    • Excellent answer Miss Oxyclean!

  • oh totally because only religious people can be moral... such as all those priests who consider molestation to be a hobby.


  • Yes totally! !! Religion should definitely influence politics 100%!! I mean look at the middle east!!! That's working so well over there!
    !!! 1111

    • Yet another great answer from you!

  • When we actually have more Christians in general especially those with power actually live up to being one then maybe until then hell no.

  • uhh no lmao.


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  • The founding fathers lived in a world 200 years before ours.
    We have gone a lone way since then.

    Often times the most religious countries also happen to be the most violent and crime filled one.

    While those which are irreligious happens to be... more civilized.

    Coincidence? Correlation? Causation?
    Who knows.

    • Awesome points and I agree

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    • No problemo , kinda ashamed about the various typos here but hey at least you got the gist of it.
      Anyway , I don't blame those plebs in the past for having religion.
      When you are living short hard lives and there's no respite from it all but death... if the mind doesn't conjure up some imaginary escape from it all then surely most people would go insane... and many did.

    • I agree and it is a good crutch for the weak and fearful.

  • If you believe Christians have more morals than any other one that's not Christian, you need some history lessons.

  • I am not sure Christianity is where we should turn to for our morals... That would be a few steps backwards.

    • 100% agree and Josh Duggar disapproves of your answer (he is too busy raping a little girl though).

  • that's no good bro

    being a christian doesn't equalize being moral

  • I would not be in favour of that.

    • Me either. I wonder when someone has enough balls to admit they are an atheist when running for prez

  • Wow is this a troll? The founding fathers especially Thomas Jefferson had pretty damning things to say against organized religion but they did also think that people should have the freedom to believe in what they want. I think it's pathetic that our founding fathers probably wouldn't get voted for in todays heavily religious political climate in the US.

    • Our dumb downed people of today would never vote for decency, democracy and common sense.

  • Of course not.
    You can be moral for a human being without being a Christian.
    In fact, a lot of "Christians" (who apparently can't read very well) use their status as a Christian to call themselves moral while being very immoral.
    The bible doesn't tell us to make a theocratic government, in fact, it's against a theocracy.
    This is because people making laws in the name of God is never going to end well, because people make mistakes. ALL the time.

    • Oh you're the Josh Duggar dude.
      You wanta Christian to say what he did was evil and disgusting?
      You've got one.

    • Great answer thank you

    • I'm glad you mentioned the part of the Bible that advocates against theocracy. There are verses about it but I can't for the life of me recall which ones.. Brain fart!

  • Church and State should be separated. But in the USA that's obviously not the case, considering their whole motto is based on a trust in God.

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    • Dennis Hastert is reported to be a Christian
      Google his name for more

    • I know all about all your links. They are making a last push of insanity and to keep America stupid.

  • This government could use more atheists.

    • That would bring more morality for sure,

  • No, stripping the government of nearly all it's power will make society more moral.

    • Probably yes but that could make corporations (who are already running the country) more powerful and run with even less regulation and tax.

    • I don't think so. Big corporations derive their powers through government favor.

    • They already are the government and have been for 30 or more years. Just sayin

  • hahaha!!! elections are meaningless.

    USA will always be corrupted no matter who's in office.

    The founding fathers were slave owners if no slave owners they neglected human suffering. So iunno if slave owners would make good role models.

    • Well that is another thing they want you to think so you don't vote. Fuck Karl Rove

    • right...

  • If religion becaomes politics in the US, we will become like the middle east.

    • If?
      Already is brother

  • Christians suck, they're the most judgmental of all religions.