Should Feminism or women in general be blamed for the social and institutional double standards against men or?

do you think it's all on the men for the double standards?

As a man, as much as I despise Feminazis/misandrists, I also despise men who sell themselves out and turn against other males for the sake of getting p*ssy. In fact, it is mostly these type of men who are the biggest cause of the double standards against their own gender. They're the one who make up the majority of the government, law enforcement and social media to make matters worst for everyone else. This isn't to say we shouldn't address women's issues but to stop giving women free passes to commit wrong doings without being held responsible for their own actions. However, men often complain about the double standards yet ironically, they're the main cause of their own double standards

  • Feminism and Women in general are the reason for the double standards against males
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  • The double standards is all on the men.
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  • Neither. There are a lot of idiots who just don't want to hold themselves responsible for their own actions, be it a man or a woman.
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  • The idea that men need to be aggressive and tough and that women need to be dainty and nice to look at is all on the patriarchy.
    Masculine traits are positive. Tough, strong, provider. Feminine qualities are used as INSULTS for men (faggot, throw like a girl, whine like a woman [even 'suck my dick' towards other men, which is really mysoginistic if you think about it. You say it to a guy to show he is weak and beneith you, yet isn't that what you want women to do/(be)?] )
    Masculine traits are not insults for women. It's a GOOD thing if she's just like one of he bros, can drink like a man, likes sports, it's good if she doesn't nag or complain like "other women" do, it's good if she's not like 'most girls'
    Dissociating yourself from your own gender because your gender is seen as lesser and not as good is a result of patriarchy. not to sound like a "femnazi" but that's what are society is.

    And this stuff is just cultural.
    Legal stuff like getting away with pedophilia and rape is also because of patriarchy. I bought it was a joke that people said "lucky kid" when a male student is raped by a female teacher, but I've seen comments on articles with my own eyes. every guy wished it was him. The ONLY people who saw a pedophile for what she was were the WOMEN. The only ones with any empathy.

    Guys don't come forward as often/ aren't taken seriously when they report rape because of patriarchal ideas about men being tough and women being weak. That men should like sex.

    Feminists WANT fathers to have custody of their children when they should. The also want more men to TRY to get custody.
    Feminists want men to be able to take their kids to the playground without strange looks. Feminists want equality. Something that is not possible with the current patriarchal values we have.

    Is anything I said wrong?

    • Nope. I understand where you come from. The problem is, many men never want to blame themselves for their self-injustice.

      Now out of curiousity, is there are source, link or articles where some feminists actually address some of the men's issues by any chance?

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    • Well thanks @itsallover :)

    • Couldn't have said it better, perfect answer. Whoever hit the down button must've been high.

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  • Nope the patriarchy is responsible for all those things.

    Don't like guys being thought of as subpar caregivers or slaves to thei libido? Blame the patriarchy.

    Don't like women getting lesser charges? Blame the patriarchy.

    • This.
      And yay Recess xD

    • I won't necessarily entirely blame patriarchy but I blame a lot of the men who make up the majority of the corrupt politics/government that created the double standards against the male gender. However, lets not pretend that there aren't at least some or a lot of women who enjoy this advantage and perpetuate it (obviously not the majority of women but some).

    • @Bards

      It's funny how we don't always see how awesome shows are when we're kids.

      Lol I won't blame autum for all the leaves falling off the trees but those leaves DO fall when it starts getting colder XD

      nah it's okay. Patriarchy is a buzzword rn. I think your basic idea is on the right track :)

  • Don't you guys ever get tired of complaining. I mean women didn't have equal rights for so long and still don't in so many other countries/places, sure it's obviously not perfect but no on here has it that bad, men or women, go do something else with your life besides looking for shit to complain about, argue over and hate.

    • Kinda like how some women like to complain about how most men are such "pigs". Look, I'm not blaming this on woman but I am a little pissed that things like this affects my life because of my gender. How am I not gonna complain and get pissed about it?

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    • And you enjoy getting the special treatment and free pass to do things that men would get shit on for?

    • I don't personally do anything that would make a difference if I was a man or woman doing it.

  • I stopped giving a fuck about a week ago
    It doesn't affect me basically

  • D. Neither of the genders is the problem, people like you are

  • Neither I don't think.


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  • Oh, a question about feminism on GaG?

  • I don't really agree with that premise.

  • Nah Feminism is just a title and it's purpose is to expose those double standards, so it couldn't possibly be the problem. That is like blaming Kraft for mac 'n cheese.

    • Pretty much. That's why I blame a lot of the men in power that make up the majority of corrupt politics for the double standards created against ourselves. Then again, there are also some women who enjoy the this benefit, not all though.

    • Yes both men and women play a part in the perpetuation of poor thinking and false beliefs.

  • FEminism is not the origin of these double standards, but the fembots totally support those double standards today... so they are part of the problem.

  • tsk tsk

    no way dude 8)

  • Too young to be so jaded... is this personal experience talking, or have you gotten wrapped up in what others have said on blogs?

    • He doesn't sound jaded, it sounds like he has a pretty solid understanding of the forces at work here, especially in the US, at least.

  • I do agree that some (arguably most) men condition women to believe that they are to placed on a pedestal by said men.

  • lets see... Men are supposed to pay for dates, be a man, be kind at all times, not be pervs, shall I continue?

    • Right? Fuck patriarchy.

    • Men are supposed to pay for dates? Not as far as I know, me and my boyfriend always take turns on treating each other because that's what people in an equal and loving relationship do.

      Men are supposed to be a man? What does this even mean? Of course a man is a man, and a woman is a woman. That's biology for you

      Men are supposed to be kind at all times? Nobody is supposed to be kind at all times. We hope that all people will be kind in the world, but some are and some aren't. That has nothing to do with gender.

      Men are supposed to not be pervs? That depends on what your definition or perversion is. Some perversions are fine, and some (the ones that might hurt people) are bad. It's the same for women

  • Misandrists.

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