Have u heard of the Charlie-Charlie chalenge?

If you heard of it than don't do it, if you do it your life will be trash 4 the rest of your life. Just some wise advice you should take. If you don't know what it is that don't worry. Also, do not do trends! an exmple is als ice bucket chalenge.

The Charlie-Charlie challenge calls a really bad and harmful thing.


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  • It's a stupid game, it won't cause anything to happen ugh 😒 really are people this stupid?

    • check the update

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    • Who said im living my life in fear.

    • It was not nessacarily directed at you, in general kids and young teenager believe in this and are scarred... i'm too tired to even want to explain this never mind man :p

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  • I know what it is but im superstitious and scared of stuff like that.


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