He is giving me mix signals. What should I make of this?

This guy who looks deep into my eyes with a blank face, when we are not communicating. He won't approach me to show his interest. We have spoken before briefly so I decided to email him to ask a question regarding college. When I emailed him he didn't reply, I then waited and emailed him again after 5/6 days to which he replied within half an hour. Instead of answering my question he told me he will call me later and gave me a time. He didn't call at that time, kept me waiting for 2 hours. When he eventually called he sounded very nervous but within a few minutes he stopped sounding nervous but was trying to be very serious, but a few minutes later he started joking. Then after he answered my questions he asked me twice if I would like to ask him anything else.
I felt he was giving me hot and cold signals. What does it mean?

Guy's, why do you do this?


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  • If he's giving mixed signals then he's either unsure about his feelings or just isn't interested

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