How do I get over someone I have to see every day?

There's this guy I've developed an intense crush on. I can't think straight when I'm around him -- I think of him all day and I can't even concentrate on my work. I dream of him, then wake up and think of him, talk to my friends about him, watch movies or listen to songs and get reminded of him, and then think of him before I go to bed again. It's quite severe.

But I know he's not good for me and I should not go out with him or even like him. But my brain doesn't seem to grasp that and I feel like if he grew two more arms and shrank to 5'2 I'd still like him.

Anyway, I can't really avoid seeing him. How do I get over him when I have to see him every day? And I kind of don't want to get over him, if that makes sense, but I know I have to.


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  • Look at his negatives every day. Every day, you'll get sick of him.

    • He has a lot of negatives and I've tried to do that but it'd been like 8 months and hasn't worked.

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