For standup comedy watchers, what type of comedy do you like?

These comedians demonstrate 3 different types of standup comedy. Which style do you like? For me, I do not even find Aziz funny. Just like Seinfield; I get tired of him very soon.

  • Russell Peters
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  • Dane Cook
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  • Aziz Ansari
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  • I'm a huge fan of British standup comedians, such as: Dara Ó Briain, Jimmy Carr, Bill Bailey, Jack Dee, Tim Minchin (British-born Aussie), Sean Lock, Ricky Gervais, and Milton Jones. (I'd rate them in that order)

    Of the yanks, I think Louis C. K. is head-and-shoulders above his country-mates. That being said, I have a soft spot for Bill Burr recently. Oh, and Greg Giraldo was an under-appreciated legend.

    But of the above choices, I picked Russell. I like the kinds of stories he tells, where there are funny moments all through rather than just building to a big payoff at the end. I also like his relaxed energy; he puts you at ease while still proving to be quite engaging. I've been to a live show of his in Kingston, Ontario. Despite the big crowd (the venue was a small hockey stadium), it felt like an intimate affair, and the time flew by as the laughs came thick and fast.


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  • LOL I like how no one chose Dean Cook. He is so blah

    • I just happened to see him last week on TV on Showtime. I thought he was good as he goes around things that happen in a person's everyday life. Russell on the other hand is easy going and mostly goes around demographics and nationalities. Aziz is just a "wannabe".

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    • As long as its not Bob Saget then we're good lol

    • Haha. Oh that is like an ethics class for kids.

What Guys Said 4

  • The satirical racial jokes always makes me laugh my ass off. Freaking Russell Peters xD

    • You Asian guy !! What type of Asian are you?

      Hahaha... I agree... Being brown, I love his take on the brown people. I just don't like when he crosses that limit and goes into crude vulgarity that is difficult for families to watch at home (because he uses non-English terms that we never use with family).

  • I'm into the Bill Burr and Patrice O'neal type of comedy.

  • Saw Bill Maher last year, he was OK, but not that great. Lewis Black was in town a couple of months ago but I was too busy to go. Really would have liked to see him. The best show I've ever seen in person is Sam Kinison.

  • I like the provocative with a hard core of truth, like Bill Burr.

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