What's the last time you peed your panties? (allowing anonyimous user)?

I don't mean like a baby... but it may happen for a lt of reason... alcohol... fear.. accident..
Actually it happened to me yesterday, I was driving and at a certain point I couldn't hold it anymore, so I stopped the car in a place where I thought no one would have noticed me, it was a quite isolated place, but a little road came from a corner just in front of me... I started to pee, and when I was almost finishing a man pop up from that road just in front of me... so I rapidly put my fly in... without being able to actually stop the flow... at least not immediately... so I ended up letting the last gush of pee to end up into my boxer!
Ahah quit funny, isn't it?

Ahahah... don't be shy... was it the only time? ;););)
Ahah thanks


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  • Recently. My daughter tripped going up the stairs and she said oh shit! I laughed so hard the piss just came out like a waterfall. I tried to stop it but laughed even harder at the fact that I pissed myself that I peed more lol

    • oh!! at least you had a really nice sense of humor :) :) actually there is nothing to be ahsamed of... it may happen to the best of us! thanks for sharing!

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    • Ops ^)

    • You are silly lol

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