Why can't people grasp the concept of personal preference?

No race is the most attractive (Although white people are better represented in the media), everyone has their own preferance and no one race is perfect.
it's not racist to have a preference, it's racist of the media outlets that contributed to the person's preference, but that's not the person's fault.
i haven't got tme to sayu anthing elsr, just add opinons nd ill get baclk to u

Some more opinions please because all of these answers are too stupid to select mho for


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  • No. There will always be stupid.


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  • I agree with you that having a romantic preference for a certain race is not racist, but to call media outlets racist for depicting certain races more than others a bit much.

    If media outlets started changing their depictions depending on the region of advertisement - such as showing a majority of Asians in their ads in Hawaii or California, or showing more Hispanics in their ads in Texas - then I'm sure that you or someone else would consider that racist also, a type of 'profiling'.

    So what's the solution?

    Well, the solution is twofold - 1. People should be honest about their personal biases and try to overcome them and 2. People need to develop a thicker skin and not be so sensitive to the biases of others.

  • The media knows what gets views, calling things racist gets views. Shirtless white guy's in underwear get views, Sofia v. In a bathing suit gets views.

  • Because people like to fight. The media likes good ratings. People like to rant. I've had traumatic experiences where someone set my friend's and I up for fights. We got over it, but people love it when things get messy.


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