How to get thin legs/calves?

i used to play sports in highschool and my legs/calves became quite big because of them. Now they look like men legs so how can I make them thin again. Any particular exercises or thibgs I could do


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  • I have never seen a lady's legs that look like men legs to me. To begin with, women have thinner skin than men which make women's legs look feminine compared the thicker skinned masculine men's legs. To me, there is no such thing as a lady who looks like a man. Even Iris Kyle in contest condition flexing her muscles looks to me like she is a feminine lady. One male contestant on the day of a body building contest was measured to be 1.8% body fat. No woman can get that lean for a bodybuilding contest. If a lady has a large skeletal frame, she could have large bunchy muscles and still be very lean. What is important is do you look good enough to attract a man who is good marriage material to marry you. I suspect that most people think a lady looks best when she has some "baby fat" on her bones. I am a man who not only craves to be a first time husband, and but also am a man who has a mental condition called Sthenolagnia. I love to watch bodybuilding contests. Women's bodybuilding contests, which had a repulsive-to-me 20% muscle reduction rule starting around 2005 (I think women's bodybuilding should have the same rules as the men's bodybuilding; 5'9" Jay Cutler was not penalized for showing up weighing 275 lbs. at a contest that he won 1st place.), may now have become a thing of the past because the Ms. International and Ms. Olympia contests have been discontinued. If you have a large skeletal frame, I think you should forget about getting thin legs, and worry about having a healthy body. I have seen women who, with large frames and bunchy legs, qualified to run in the Boston Marathon.


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  • Be happy you have them. Many females spend hours in the gym to get them. Muscular legs are not men legs if they are nice and smooth.

    • Mine are way too big and not proportionate to my body size. If they were muscular and nice I would be happy, they are way too big now

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    • What I mean, is im thin but my calves are the only big thing and so they don't like right against my body frame

    • OK, the avoid power training for your legs, but keep them toned by e. g. cycling or running.

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