I'm buying a car and I was wondering should I ask my crush to come along for the 4 hour drive (she also likes the car)?

I'm going to buy a car and it's 4 hours away. I have a girl i like and was wondering if maybe i should invite her, she kinda likes the car too and was wondering maybe if i she bring her along. Should i or will it be a bit embarssing if she says no?


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  • Sure! It will be a fun, cute, memorable road trip! :D Make some stops along the way. Play some great music. Crack lots of jokes and share stories with each other.

    • I simply couldn't agree more @Esplorare :)

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    • Nah, you're overanalyzing. Not harsh at all!

    • ok i'm just a bit worried you know cause i like her and i dont' want to mess anything up, and yeah i do have road trip with her in mind.

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  • yes it's a good idea... although b careful, and buy sth CHEAP... that works at least.