What are some of the things you get tired of the national news reporting?

I'll make a list of some of the things i get tired of CNN and FOX news be covering and if you agree with me. If their are other things you get tired of, that I didn't mention, you can comment on it.

1.) climate change, global warming like tornados, floods, and extreme heat waves

2.) Isis terrorist and people joining isis.

3.) Boko Haram

I also forget to mention this is one of the things I get tired of

Racism going on between police officers and black guys getting killed by them, just an excuse to almost cause riots in cities


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  • Racial issues and "Race Crimes". They're not central to solving our problems at a national level because crime is mostly an economic issue. They should be reporting on legislative talks about student loan borrower reform, income redistribution and things related to the economy because those issues take priority. They just want to distract us by talking about race because apparently race gets ratings. I will never understand why but it does.


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  • i don't watch da news... and that's y i feel happy :D

  • The bankers taking the piss.