I need someone to talk me out of this?

Recently my stress and anxiety has been kicking my ass. My grades are falling and the only interaction I really have with family is lectures. My anxiety centers on my relationship and I'm afraid of my girlfriend leaving me for her guy friend. They flirt ALL THE TIME and she ignores me when he's around. We are going on a trip out of country for my school and he is coming too. I am so scared and sad that she might end up ignoring me for two whole weeks.
I have anxiety attacks daily, nightmares every night, and people just get mad at me when I talk to them about it.
I feel like suicide has been an option for a long time, but I really just want to run away rather than kill myself.
Could someone please talk me out/through this? I don't want to be yelled at or lectured, I just want some help.


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  • You should have a counselor at your high school who is able to deal with situations like this.

    I am sorry that you're feeling that way though, but I can promise you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I also think you should find solutions to better help your anxiety.

    For one, if your girlfriend leaves you for another guy, she's a frigging sleaze unless if she fell out of love with you. So you deserve someone better and you won't allow her to come crawling back after all the good you've done to her.

    People may feel that you talk about it too much around them or it makes them uncomfortable. They don't seem to be very empathetic and actually selfish unless if they're going through problems of their own. I think you need to realize this.

    Running away is only a temporary solution that will bring fresh stressors and problems. Where are you running to? What are you going to eat? With what money? Where are you going to sleep? What happens when your parents call the police and they find you? It may be another yelling and lecture that you don't want. What about your already failing grades? They're going to fall further.

    Pertaining to your parents, I would be honest with them about how you're feeling. I don't know how they would react since I don't know them, but I would think most would realize that yellling/screaming at their kid isn't the solution. It's actually detrimental to self-esteem and their personal relationship.

    For grades, there should be the option for tutoring--either before or after-school. That is something that I would do. If I had homework that I didn't want to finish the night before at home, I would go to school, skip breakfast, and focus on schoolwork.

    It sounds like you have tons of issues that are pressing you down all at once though and instead of trying to multitask all of them, I would pick the simplest problem... and tackle it head on first.

    After you receive a "victory", your confidence will boost and then you tackle the next largest problem until you face the biggest one. Due to your small successes before, you should be confident enough to handle it.

    I hope this helped.

    • Yes, this was very helpful. I am seeing a councilor once a month and will probably start going more often.

    • Please choose this for MHO. Very helpful comment.

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  • Don't do it, things will get better I promise you. Have you tried to see someone? Therapists work wonders, they really do. I have bad anxiety too and I know how tough it is. Just try to stay calm and remember that things are going to be okay. Talking to someone and being able to vent is very helpful.

    Have you learned any anxiety coping techniques yet?
    Don't worry about the girl either, if she were to do those things then that would mean she's not worth it and isn't someone you want in your life. There are a lot of great girls out there, and if something did happen with her you would find someone better who wouldn't be flirting with other guys.

    • Thank you for your comment. I am currently seeing a councilor once a month and will probably change it to more often. I use coping techniques but (with all the thoughts running around my head with anxiety) I forget them sometimes.

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    • Thank you :)

    • You're welcome, good luck! :)

  • Dump her and focus on your school work. Girls come and go but your grades last forever.

    • My main problem isn't her, per say, it's my anxiety

    • Anxiety decreases with experience. Work hard, pray hard and help others and your anxiety will decrease.

    • Will do, thank you

  • don't focus your happiness on her.. there's more to life than focusing on that kind of stuff.. if she loves you, good.. if not, then fine.. you cannot make everybody love you..
    think that someone else will gonna love you more and that you have to choose wisely.. She is just not worth it..

  • life will get better!


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  • Here's the best thing you can do: Break up with her, you're in no place to have a relationship whether she really is flirting or she's not. Sorry buddy, you're not emotionaly mature yet, take some time to work on yourself.

  • Listen bro. This relationship is wreaking havoc on your mind and spirit as well as your future.

    All for some girl who openly flirts with another guy in front of you? She's so not worth it.

    You'll find another girl and have a relationship that is... enjoyable. 8-)

  • ah... is it possible to block suicide as an option anyway?

    • What do you mean by that?

    • don't kill yerself!

    • Like I said, I'd sooner run away then end it, I'm just saying I have considered it a few times

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