Am I doing the right thing moving on from her?

So there's this girl I know and she and I are great friends, but I do have a huge crush on this girl, like months long. I told her after she broke up with her now ex boyfriend, and she said she felt the same except after him she wanted a break. Recently, months later, I asked if she wanted to just stay friends. She said yes, she wanted to just remain friends but maybe, when she gets back from basic and ait, she and I could see to being more. Thats fine and all, but I decided to move on anyway. Reason being is time. In 2 wks, she's leaving for a choir tour and won't be back until the end of July, then will be here for a month before leaving for basic and ait, and won't be back home until around feb.

Now I am actually moving across statelines to live with my dad over the summer, for safety reasons, and when she gets back home from her tour, I should either still be away or living at where I'll be for college. When she leaves in aug., I start school. When she gets back, it should either be winter break (idk how college works with breaks) or still in school. Now since its college and we're both getting older, I felt it best to just move on anyway.

Now I wonder if I'm doing the right thing. She made it clear she does have feelings, but wants to wait. She does like me a lot, but I don't know how she'll function with me away most of the time and she'll be busy with school when she gets back. I just think I'm being fair to her if anything, but am I really cause it is only a few months wait to be realistic?

Also, she does trust me a lot and I fear I might be breaking trust in doing this. I don't want to ruin her trust in any way, shape, or form, so I'm worried about that as well.


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  • you're doing the right thing.


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  • ok then... so will u come back to her when she's ready? better stay friends wid her

    • Maybe, but probably not. She might be moving down where I'm at after basic and ait actually.