How long did it take you to beat Emerald Weapon in Final Fantasy VII?

And what strategy did you use?


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  • Not too long actually. Find wsummon and wmagic materia setup the most defensive character with healing spells and witem fully stock ether elixirs etc using those support materia equip the other 2 with hades and knights of the round keep double summoning first hades then knights of the round. Haste helps too

    • that's not how I did I just used mime materia and mastered counter materia attached the counter materia and mime materia together and kept using ominislash and would mime elixir on myself when he would attack me.

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    • Oh yeah I know what your talking about that's called a zolom and no prob

    • I just wish I would've had Vincent by then it would've been no problem he was my lucky character

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  • I don't think I beat it at all, haha.
    Although it says,

    "The Earth Harp is won from Emerald Weapon and can be traded for Master Magic, Master Command, and Master Summon Materia."

    That's useful!

    • Hahah yeah I beat it again today for my gaming channel its very useful

  • I think Cloud and Sephiroth were a couple.

    • They should get married lol

    • Anyway, I'm from the old school final fantasy. After beating final fantasy 4 and 6 on snes, all of final fantasy 7 was childishly easy.

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