Intervention Order, nothing is working why?

I don't know how to deal with this situation and I'm at my wits end with all of this. I can't catch a break from someone who is constantly trying to harass me every chance he gets. Getting an IVO was just a waste of time. He prank calls me, whistles to me on the phone then hangs up, drives past my house during the day and at night racing past and doing burnouts and Police tell me to change my number and it's not a big deal and unless I have proof of him driving past my house there is nothing they can do. I am soo fed up and soo angry I don't know what else to do. If I change my number, I have to pay $55 and he has cost me enough money. He will still find a way to contact me anyway so there is no point. Police won't help and I just don't know what else to do. So if he comes and bashes me and drives off, does that mean Police still can't do anything unless I can prove it was him? I don't feel protected at all and I have a daughter on the way in 3 weeks time and I know he is only going to get worse when she does arrive.


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  • If he hits you call 911 immediately or as soon as you can.

    Otherwise, difficult problem. If you have a mutual friend, see if they can find out why he is harassing you. Illegal but I know of a time when the brothers had a one way discussion with such a person including some physical pain which worked. I would be concerned that he might involve the police with them in trouble.

    Good luck. Enjoy your baby. Your life will be charged for ever.


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  • Call the county attorney. Get a CCW. Do you live alone? Keep his picture with many friends in case you become a missing person. Follow me we can chat.

    • I'm in Australia. An attorney costs money that I don't have. Everyone I know already know who he is. He's an ice user and violent. I have a baby coming soon, I don't have time to speak with lawyers and attend court all the time. Police should be doing their job.

    • Ah yeah Aussie police are pussies. I used to do protection as a living. This text is very limiting to talk and tell you what to do.

  • Where's your partner in all of this?

    • He was my partner...

    • Yeah, I realized that (it might be the crazy ex) as I sat here.

      None of us on these forums are qualified to seriously answer your question.

      You need to go to your local authorities and ask what more you can do; you can always ask for a drive through in your neighborhood but you have to understand: they have a whole city to oversee.

      Stay safe and good luck.

  • Hire me to kill hium :D

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    • They can't arrest someone for physical abuse if there is no proof. Intervention Order is the only thing they can do

    • het security cameras outside your house for proof he is always driving around your house

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  • Can you borrow a camera from a friend or family member? Set it up to film the street where he does his burnouts, make sure it is in a position to record his license plate number. And yes he may have cost you money but that $55 can give you piece of mind. Can you try and call your carrier and explain why this is happening and maybe they can offer you a deal or something. Does he call from anonymous numbers? Can you block them? A lot of phones have a way to do that especially if you have an iphone. You can Google how to do it. Whatever you do, don't give up.

    • Hi, my parents won't set up cameras it costs too much.
      I can switch my phone to do not disturb and only select certain people to contact me instead. I just hate putting limits on my life because of him.

    • Do you live with your parents? Have you explained what is going on? I would tell everyone if I were you. Put it all over social media and tell all your friends. The more people who know the less likely he will try something really dumb.
      I'm not talking about security grade cameras, just a nanny cam or even a vhs recorder. Any thing that can catch him. Don't sit idly by as he ruins your life. You put limits on your life now for the freedom and piece of mind that come later.

    • I do live with my parents for now until bub arrives. Everyone knows, there isn't anyone that doesn't.