Does natural hair grow faster?

Before I wanted to go natural because I wanted to see what my hair would like. It was only some new growth and I could tell that it was a 4C, the most hard to manage hair out of all textures. When I tried to comb it, it would hurt really bad so I ended up skipping on combing my new growth which was a bad idea because it became matted and the two textures made my hair look horrid/ratchet. I couldn't take it anymore so I relaxed it, (back then I couldn't afford a weave or braids). I hear from multiple sources that your natural hair grows faster then relaxed and that you can only bleach your natural hair, you can never bleach relaxed hair and I also hear that natural and relaxed hair grow at the same rates.

I've seen a baby picture of myself so I know that my natural hair will be an Afro that sticks up and not loose curls that lay down, I'm only okay with that if I can find a combing/brushing method that doesn't hurt or something that will make my natural hair smooth (any tips? :x) I'm also more motivated to go natural because I want to go blonde in the future and my hair stylist told me that I can straighten it and put products in it (I was afraid that I would have to constantly straighten it)


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  • Yes your hair will grow faster natural than it will with a perm if it really even grows with one. It damages your hair and causes it to fall out more.

    People go natural for their hair to grow back and when I say natural I mean cut off majority of the damaged hair whether you've had a perm or have too many split ends. Your hair will grow back fastest natural because it's what you were born with and that's exactly the way your hair got long. The best thing to do to your hair is to simply braid it. Micro or any other kind of small tight braids aren't good for your hair it's pulling to much. Get some other type of braids or don't get them so tiny but really the best braids are putting your hair in a pony tail and breading it the regular way.

    Oh and word of advice I don't know if you use it often or not but don't be like me and use the flat iron excessively my hair has fallen out twice previously and it was really long.

    • Oh and yeah bleaching or dying your hair isn't good for it either. Nothing is really good besides leaving it the way it is.

    • I try not to but I use a flat iron often because of my hair getting matted from cotton pillows

    • Thanks for MH :)

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  • wtf is unnatural hair

    • I should of made this female only -.-
      Obviously black people aren't born with straight hair so that's "unnatural" or relaxed

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    • I never said that, I'm implying that women would give better advice. I don't know if your black or not but black men don't go back to natural because they don't straighten their hair like black women do, so a black women would give better advice.

    • ok. I am white. Im bored of hair now bye

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  • Well if you maintain a healthy diet/lifestyle your hair will grow regardless. There's a girl on youtube, prettywitty77, her hair is relaxed and long down her back. Plenty of others just like her. You just have to know how to take care of it.

    As far as tips go, never try and do your hair when it's dry. Get a spray bottle, fill it with water, and every time you get ready to do your hair just spray some of the water on it. Using a leave in conditioner afterwards will also help you comb through it. Never comb it from scalp to end but always start at your ends and work your way up. Youtube is a great source for how to videos. You just have to be willing to search around.

  • I wear mine natural usually I will wash detangle and condition and then plait it and put the plaits on perm rods, I can bring my fingers through it's not mated, but I only us combs and brushes when it is straightened.

  • Yes, natural hair grows faster.

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