My eyesight is shitty and I'm feeling bad about it, what to do?

So, I'm a (currently) -6.0 and -7.0 girl. Those are not THAT bad, since my doctor told me about that -33 guy they did surgery on and got normal vision. But I know my eyesight will get worse and worse (up to -10 when I'm around my 40's according to him-I'm 19 now) and even if you leave that slight fear of going blind to a side, not being able to see without glasses (I find contacts too risky) sucks. I can't see anything in full detail until I stick my face in it. Or get very near it if it's a big text. I feel like I'm failing at being a functioning human being. When I think about it, I get this terrible stomachache and my hands start to sweat, and I just want to go to bed but if I do I feel even more miserable about myself.

I'm not asking for medical advice, I'm already considering my options and I'll go to the ophtometrist in June again to see if I need new lenses (I didn't in February) and maybe talk about LASIK, but what I'm asking is how to stop this thing where my hands sweat and I feel physically ill because of this. And it's not ''think of a happy place''.

I'm not asking for medical advice, don't tell me to get LASIK or not. I'm asking how to feel better about myself.
Enough is enough. READ THIS BEFORE ANSWERING: Don't tell me to go to the doctor or get surgery. I AM NOT ASKING FOR MEDICAL ADVICE. I'm asking for tips on how to feel better about myself. READ THIS <<<<<<<


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  • - Try to look pretty (Glasses or not/ Contacts or not) and focus on getting better, and as the doctor described he thinks thing WILL get better.
    - Make it a source of jokes and joey between family and friends ( or cosplay?).
    - Sticking your face in a thing will also make you smell it.
    - Sight prefect is not a measure of the persons achievements or happiness. It is a test for you, and requires acceptance.
    PS: There are moments of my life where I wish I had broken glasses at a time.
    PPS: Wash those hand or wear gloves, and stay cool. <.<


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