Can someone make me laugh?

I need someone to make me laugh. It can be a joke, a picture, video, anything as long as it's funny. I'll rate how funny it is on a scale 0-10.


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  • In the middle of the desert, an man's camel gets problems, can only advance a feet a minute. That way his journey is gonna take weeks.
    Finally, he arrives at a service station, explains his problem to the old owner.

    -Simple, says the guy, get your camel here on this place ad I'll get him running.

    The old guy takes two stones, gets behind the camel ant squshes the camel's balls.

    WAOSHSH!.! And the camel is gone, 3/4 miles away...

    -Well that's a nice trick but it doesn't help ME! The camel is over there!:@

    -No problem, drop your pants, stand here.

    And the old guy takes his two stones.


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